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Enrichment Programs


  • The Armory Center for the Arts. Visual arts classes for preschoolers through adults, in Old Town Pasadena.  http://www.armoryarts.org/
  • Art Center College of Design. Many art and technology oriented summer programs for grades 4-12.http://www.artcenter.edu/accd/programs/public/artcenterkids.jsp
Sally Ride Science Festivals. Designed to encourage girls in 5th-8th grade to develop their interest in the sciences and math.  They have activities open to boys and girls. Learn more at:http://www.sallyridefestivals.com/index.shtml.
  •  The Johns Hopkins Talent Search Program.http://www.cty.jhu.edu/ts/index.html .  For 2nd graders and beyond, this national program can include a test to evaluate childrens’ abilities.  Children who qualify can take  distance classes, and summer classes in Los Angeles.  Info at   http://www.cty.jhu.edu/ctysummer/index.html
  •  The UC Irvine Academic Talent Search. This program offers an optional test (PSAT or SAT). Children who do well on these, or on anystandardized tests or who have been identified as 'gifted and talented' by their school district, and are in 5th grade or beyond, are  qualified to apply for the  summer UCI Gifted Students Academy,http://www.cfep.uci.edu/gsa/   
  • Gifted Children's Association of the San Fernando
     Summer Enrichment Classes, Sherman Oaks Center of Enriched Studies, Reseda, CA. GATE students, Grades 1-9, plus pre K, ages 4-6.  e-mail:. Ph: 818.782.2306.  www.GiftedCA.org
  • Summer Institute for the Gifted An academic summer school for grades 4-11 at UCLA. Get more information at: www.giftedstudy.com.
  • THINK Summer Institute, www.THINKSummerInstitute.org .  For gifted students, ages 12 through 15. A three-week residential summer program at University of Nevada, Reno, where students can earn up to seven college credits.  Applicants must score well on the SAT or ACT tests (which can be taken through the UC Irvine Talent Search), and submit a $50 non-refundable application fee. 
The Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford Universityhttp://www-epgy.stanford.edu/epgy/, offers distance-learning classes, from kindergarten through college level.  
  •  The Institute for Educational Advancement, IEA in South Pasadena has a long list of summer and enrichment programs athttp://www.educationaladvancement.org/resources/search/programs.php.
More California lists: The Davidson Institute has a list at:  (scroll down to 'Opportunities'):   http://www.geniusdenied.com/Policies/StatePolicyDetails.aspx?StateCode=10005&NavID=6_0. And UC Irvine maintains a list athttp://www.pclaunch.com/~kayton/GATE/summerprograms.htm.



            You know your student is beyond grade level---maybe he or she 'tops out' on tests---but you still may not have a clear idea of their abilities. Without hard data, it is very difficult to advocate for appropriate challenge or class placement, or to find outside resources.


            That's where the "Talent Searches" ---which allow younger-than-usual kids to take SAT-like tests---come in. These searches have been found to be very beneficial in a variety of ways. (More documented benefits of talent searches:http://www.vanderbilt.edu/news/releases/2007/9/7/-future-career-path-of-gifted-youth-can-be-predicted-by-age-13).


These programs can also open up new opportunities for summer programs, enrichment classes, and more. Here are three:


CAL STATE LA CSULA (down Fremont, just past Alhambra) has three programs to identify academic talent, and offer middle and HS students higher challenge:


--SEAA is the "talent search" for kids 11-15. Students take the Washington Pre College test (an SAT-like test). Their scores may open up opportunities for summer and after-school classes at CSULA. LAUSD sends hundreds of middle school students for this test every year. Half wind up qualifying. Learn more at http://www.calstatela.edu/academic/eep/index.php?page=SEAA_Frequently_Asked_Questions_Students-Parents


            The SEAA program/test also qualifies students for Cal State LA's¦.


 -- PRE-ACCELERATED COLLEGE ENROLLMENT PROGRAM (PACE) –Middle and high school students can  take part-time summer classes at CSULA. Those who do well may qualify for the...


-- EARLY ENTRANCE PROGRAM (EEP). EEP students as young as 11 may enter Cal State University's Honors Program full time. Although they become young college students, they have a ‘homeroom’ where they hang out with their peers on a daily basis, with a great deal of support, activities, a newspaper, and even a prom, in a "high school like atmosphere". Cost: Same as tuition at Cal State LA. Learn more at: http://www.calstatela.edu/academic/eep/index.php?page=Description_Packet.



            (Incidentally, the PACE/EEP students aren't the only "young ones" on the CSULA campus. It is also home to the LA County High

School for the Arts, LACHSAm http://www.lachsa.org/.




            JOHNS HOPKINS CENTER FOR TALENTED YOUTH. http://cty.jhu.edu/. We know several South Pasadena students who have benefited from the distance learning and/or local summer classes offered by this national program, for grades 2-8. To be eligible, a child must be recommended; OR achieve 95% or more on national tests (like the GATE tests our district uses---that’s below our district’s cutoff for GATE qualification); OR score well on state tests. Kids then take PSATs or SATS, and their scores may qualify them for classes; plus abundant resources for parents, and even 'Family Academic Programs'.

There are summer classes in the LA Area, including some at the Maranatha school in Pasadena. Students qualifying for the federal free or reduced-price lunch program may join the talent search virtually for free



            UC IRVINE TALENT SEARCH For grades 6-10. Same idea; take test, learn from results, qualify for summer classes at UC Irvine. http://www.admissions.uci.edu/ats/brochure_2008.html