Parent Teacher Association
President Liz Price 403-2808 Email 1011 Park Avenue
Executive Vice President Julie Giulioni 799-3418 Email 1944 La France
1st Vice President Wish Night Ching-Hua Chang 441-0150 Email 2016 Fair Oaks
2nd Vice President Ways and Means PJ Lutz 799-3875 Email 1517 Marengo Avenue
3rd Vice President Enrichment Judy Parkinson 441-6174 1422 Milan Avenue email
4th Vice President Media Center Scrip Midori Taylor 323-258-0298 Email 1310 Mountain View Ave
Treasurer Michelle Froelich 403-0870 Email 1911 Spruce Street
Secretary Marjorie Crowley 799-2370 Email 1750 Grevelia St. #7
Auditor Cindy Wright 403-7482 Email 2000 Primrose Avenue
Corresponding Secretary Sherry Hodge 403-6559 Email 727 Meridian Ave, Unit K
Parlimentarian Gigi Longoria 799-5818 Email 1415 Oneonta Knoll
Historian Karen Weinstock 799-7847 Email 727 Garfield

What does the PTA Do?
The Parent Teacher Association, founded in 1897, believes that the education of children is a shared responsibility of the home and the school. PTA works to benefit children and to support parents.

And the Marengo PTA?
Here are the major events/programs at Marengo that parents organize and are paid for by the PTA.

We hope you'll join our PTA team!
At Marengo, your $6 membership dues ensure your right to vote at Marengo PTA meetings, defray the costs of the materials you receive, and support your child's education. When you join Marengo PTA, you also become a member of District 1 PTA, your CA State PTA, and the National PTA - all working together to ensure that every child has an opportunity to learn and to be successful in school and in life.

Major Events & Programs
Art Explorers
Community Service
Cultural Arts Assemblies
Donation to SPUSD
Fifth Grade Promotion
Open House Picnic
Paw Print
Room Parent/Volunteer Coordination
Site Beautification
Teacher Grants
Wish Night
All City Track Meet
Backpack Mail
Founder’s Night
Holiday Workshop
Honorary Service
Welcome Back Fall Picnic
Kindergarten Summer Play date
Language Liaison
New Parent Welcome Coffee
Science Fair
Snacks (during testing)
Talent Show
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
Teacher Appreciation Week
Walk to school days

Book Fair - Fall and Spring
Gift Wrap Sale
Fun Fair
Scrip Sales

Safety Programs
Red Ribbon Week
Lost & Found
Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Supplies

Marengo Committee Chairs 2007-2008 Each Marengo PTA Program has a chairman (or two or three) that you can contact for more information or to volunteer.
All City Track Meet:  Kate Gibson, Hailyn Chen, Marianne Samson
Art Explorers:  Hope Perello
Art Happenings:  Liz Daley, Katya Shaposhnik
Backpack Mail:  Kate Gibson
Book Fair:  Ann Foster, Helene Tripodis, Cindy Wright
Career Night:  Margaret Finnegan
Community Service:  Majorie Crowley
Cultural Arts: Andrea Carless, Catharine Gibson
Directory:  Viviane Hebel
Display Cases:  Tracy Macrum
Disaster Preparedness:  Cindy Wright
Fall Family Luau:  Helene Tripodis
Family Nights:  Lisa Joko-Gleeson
Fifth Grade Promotion: Tracy Macrum, Juliet Amenta, Gail Denham,
                                     Samantha Knight
Fun Fair:  Florence Bush
Holiday Workshop:  Melissa Meza, Linda Park
Honorary Service:  Alexandria Levitt
Hospitality:  Colleen Ellison, Camille Fagenson
Jog-a-thon:  Kate Gibson, Colleen Ellison
Kindergarten Summer Playdate: Ruby Kalra, Tracy Macrum
Language Liasions:  Cantonese:  Celcilia Wong
                                                     Fanny Ng
                                 Mandarin:    Pei-Ju Chen
                                                     Ming Chang
                                 Japanese:    Mika Nakagawa
                                 Korean:        Mi-Sug Kim
                                 Spanish:      Gigi Longoria
Library Liaison:  Lindy Yuen
Lost and Found:  Susan Ueki
Marquee:  Petra Goodman
Membership:  Karen Weinstock
Open House Picnic:  Patty Lyons
Paw Print:  Sherry Hodge
Physical Education:  Michelle Speers, Juliette Kurth
Posters:  Petra Goodman
Recess Equipment:  Susan Ueki-Gilmartin
Red Ribbon Week:  Robin Zableckis, Midori Taylor
Reflections:  Christine Chen
Room Parent Coordinator:  Julie Giulioni, Liz Price
Science Fair:  Michele Kipke, Susan Turner-Lowe
Site Beautification:  Lucie Galvin
Snacks during Testing:  Lindy Yuen
Talent Show:  Sherry Hodge, John Mann, Jeff Robeff
Teacher Appreciation Luncheons:  Ruby Kalra, Lynn Kan
Teacher Appreciation Week:  Laurie Amaya, Ana Abundo
Walk to School Days:  Beth Snowden-Ifft
Wish Night Coordinator:  Kelle Lopez

2007-2008 Meetings and Speakers
Please consider coming to a meeting this year. Every meeting features an update from our principal, Mrs. Betsy Hamilton. It is also a great opportunity to hear what’s happening at the school.

Sometimes we have speakers. Childcare is always available at our Night Meetings (children 4 years and over) and our morning meetings have a place in the back where children can quietly play.

Not to mention the delicious snacks and coffee that we provide. Hope to see you there!
Meeting Dates and Times...
October 3rd 7:00 pm
November 7th 8:20 am
December – no meeting
January 9th 7:00 pm
February 7th 8:20 am – Selection of Nominating Committee
March 5th 7:00 pm
April 9th 8:20 am
May 7th 7:00 pm
June 4th 8:20 am – Last meeting of the year!

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