1. Arrival / Dismissal Time
  2. Irregular Departures During School Hours
  3. Absence From School/Independent Study
  4. Visiting School
  5. Homework Request For Illness Caused Absences
  6. Emergency Procedures & Prepardness Plan
  7. Lunch / Nutrition - Cafeteria
  8. Medication During The School Day
  9. Health Issues
  10. Appropriate School Dress
  11. Discipline
  12. Homework Policy
  13. Bicycles / Skateboards / Rollerblades / Skates
  14. Birthday Parties
  15. Field Trips
  16. Student Council
  1. Telephone
  2. Lost And Found / Names In Clothing
  3. Communications
  4. Parent Support Groups
  5. Fund Raising
  6. Orientation / Questions
  7. Parent Volunteers
  8. SSC-School Site Council
  9. SPEF-South Pasadena Educational Foundation
  10. Traditions
  11. Professional Development Days
  12. Literacy
  13. Library Media Center
  14. Instructional Programs
  15. English as a Second Language
  16. Special Education
  17. GATE - Gifted and Talented Education
  18. Extended Day Care ProgramPlayground Rules and Policies

During School Hours

  1. Regardless of whether it is an alert or actual disaster, all students will be held at school until the school principal is notified by the superintendent to release students.
  2. Early Release — Until notification is received to send student home, students will be released only to their parents or an adult listed on the child’s emergency card.

Each classroom is equipped with an emergency bag stocked with medical supplies, light sticks and emergency blankets, a three-day water supply and a one-day food supply. In addition, a solar powered radio and two portable toilets are stored on campus.

In the event of an actual emergency, students will be evacuated to the upper playground and will be released to parents one at a time so that an accurate accounting of students can be made.

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