1. Arrival / Dismissal Time
  2. Irregular Departures During School Hours
  3. Absence From School/Independent Study
  4. Visiting School
  5. Homework Request For Illness Caused Absences
  6. Emergency Procedures & Prepardness Plan
  7. Lunch / Nutrition - Cafeteria
  8. Medication During The School Day
  9. Health Issues
  10. Appropriate School Dress
  11. Discipline
  12. Homework Policy
  13. Bicycles / Skateboards / Rollerblades / Skates
  14. Birthday Parties
  15. Field Trips
  16. Student Council
  1. Telephone
  2. Lost And Found / Names In Clothing
  3. Communications
  4. Parent Support Groups
  5. Fund Raising
  6. Orientation / Questions
  7. Parent Volunteers
  8. SSC-School Site Council
  9. SPEF-South Pasadena Educational Foundation
  10. Traditions
  11. Professional Development Days
  12. Literacy
  13. Library Media Center
  14. Instructional Programs
  15. English as a Second Language
  16. Special Education
  17. GATE - Gifted and Talented Education
  18. Extended Day Care ProgramPlayground Rules and Policies

The PTA raises money for the school through a variety of activities which include Wish Night, the Marengo Tango and the annual carnival. The carnival is a joint effort of our District’s three elementary school PTAs. Funds raised are used to support the school’s instructional program and playground equipment. Parent support and participation are greatly appreciated.

The Student Council raises money through T-shirt sales and donut sales. These funds also support the education program.

Grocery Mart Scrip is an ongoing program in which every member of the Marengo parent can participate. The Marengo PTA sells grocery scrip: Vons, Ralphs, Pavillions, Bristol Farms, 99 Market and Wild Oats, Baja Fresh, Jamba Juice, Bath and Body to name a few.

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